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Immersed in the hills of Pillo, near Gambassi Terme, in the heart of Chianti.

The surroundings

Gambassi Terme

The heart of a territory known since ancient times for the presence of its regenerating saline waters and milestone of the Via Francigena, Gambassi Terme is a place historically dedicated to the welfare and reception.

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Located along the main communication routes since Etruscan times, many have crossed Gambassi Terme over the years. Milestone, especially for pilgrims on the Via Francigena, was the parish church of Santa Maria in Chianni that, even today, together with the surrounding trails, is one of the more attractive “paths” for walking and cycling in Europe.

A short distance far from the picturesque old town, which kept intact many of the buildings and medieval alleys and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, is the “Parco Benestare“, where, almost hidden by the trees, the Terme della Via Francigena exploit the beneficial properties of “Pillo water” proposing treatments for the care of body and spirit  perfectly matching with the natural taste of oil and wine that this land offers in abundance.

Places of interest in Gambassi Terme

Terme della Via Francigena

The “Terme della Via Francigena”, renovated and opened in 2015, offering services and treatments to meet all requests

A wellness and beauty area , where you can enjoy a  relaxing moment , lulled by the energy of the water; an area where they are offered Holistic and Sensory trails: feeling unique emotions in an innovative and welcoming ambience; Health area, which harnesses the power of water organoleptic sauce Pillo to treat disorders of the digestive and respiratory systems

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Cantina Villa Pillo

Traditional farm in the heart of Chianti, located in the Province of Florence and also near San Gimignano. It has Medieval origins and extends on 500 hectars. Immersed in the most wonderful Tuscan landscape, Villa Pillo


cantina-villa-pillo  cantina-villa-pillo-vigne

It is famous for its high quality wines and is also a world reference point in the oenology sector.



Ancient medieval village  built by the Sienese, Monteriggioni was famous as impregnable,                                                                                        view of monteriggioni

thanks to its castle and its 14 towers. Located in a strategic position on the Via Francigena (the road that connected Italy with France), Monteriggioni is an example of fortified village designed to protect its inhabitants.

Places of interest in Monteriggioni

San Gimignano

At about 30 km from Siena, in the middle of the Tuscan countryside, you can find San Gimignano, an ancient Medieval village with a history dating back almost one thousand years, declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1990.                                                       san gimignano

Its 15 tower houses, which were originally about seventy, make San Gimignano absolutely unique. Towers were a source of pride and prestige for the noble families in San Gimignano. The most ancient one, Torre Rognosa, has a height of 51 metres.

Places of interest in San Gimignano


Museo Leonardiano

Dedicated to the genious of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian painter, engineer, scientist and inventor, this museum is located in the heart of Vinci, the medieval town where he was born. Open from 9:30 am to 7 pm, Museo Leonardiano preserves manuscripts, projects developed by Leonardo as well as reconstructions of his inventions.


museo leonardiano


Cradle of the Renaissance, domain of the very powerful House of Medici, Florence is a city which combines the features of a typical Medieval town with the features of a modern city with hundreds of thousands inhabitants.  firenze_veduta

UNESCO World Heritage famous all around the world for the Uffizi Gallery and for its endless quantity of art masterpieces, Florence is a fundamental destination for all visitors coming to Tuscany. 

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